Upload Files To Google Drive/Docs By Email

The missing feature has returned.

Create An Account. It's free.

Great site/product, amazingly simple layout and usage.

Ian B.

Create An Account

  • You grant SendToGdocs access to upload files to your Google account.
  • You're given a unique sendtogdocs.com email address.
  • Keep your email address private. Anyone who knows this address will be able to upload documents to your Google account. You're always able to request a new address if needed.

Start sending email

  • When we receive an email, we'll strip out all attachments and upload them to your Google account.

Check Your Google Drive/Docs

  • If all went well, you'll see the attachment listed in your Google Drive/Docs.
  • Log into sendtogdocs.com and check the status of your emails and change your notification preferences.